Amazing Deals For Diaspora Clients

At Southgate Homes, We consider anyone outside the borders of Kenya in Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East to be a diaspora Investor whether you are out for studies, work or are a permanent residence in another country but are a Kenyan Citizen.


We aspire to provide customized first-class property management services for individual and corporate clients.


Today more than ever, Kenyans living or working abroad are investing heavily back at home, especially in real estate. Most leave their properties under the watch of relatives or neighbors who are busy and often overwhelmed by their own affairs leading to losses, unaccountability and misreporting.


We offer a tailor-made package for accountable management of such properties that include property inspection, letting, tenant liaison, rental collection, monthly reporting and property maintenance.


One of the most profitable ways to invest and utilize your property is by renting out to people who will pay you monthly to occupy the apartment.

With this investment, your tenants get to just wire money into your accounts even as you continue working in the diaspora.

This will only require one to make occasional visits to the properties whenever they are in the country.

Our Property Purchase Process


Brief Overview

1. Potential Client Enquiry

2. Investment Catalog

3. Plot Selection

4. Plot Availability

5. Payment Process

6. Letter Of Offer / Sales Agreement

7. Client Documents

8. Legal Documents

9. Completion Document

10. Registration Of Title Deed

11. Title Deed Issuing

Property Purchase Process (Click To Toggle)

Upon your enquiry, our customer care team will respond within a period of 24 hours. Details regarding the desired property may be sent via email, or a meeting with a Southgate agent can be arranged to help you make an informed investment decision.

We can also have a live chat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Skype to interact 24/7 to answer all your queries and give feedback on available properties and to keep you updated on any new projects.

We shall prepare a catalog comprised of all our properties to act as a guide for all our available properties / apartments.

We arrange for a site visit for the representative that you send to us, thus, you will need to provide us with their contact to enhance proper communication. Once you come also, we will take you for site visit also to the property.

Upon selection of the preferred property, we shall send you a booking form where you will fill your personal details.

It will contain various requirements which you will submit through email together with the filled booking form.


Booking a plot is free and is valid for only 7 days whereby the client can undertake their due diligence through their Kenyan contact and once satisfied they confirm the mode of payment for the property.

Here you are at free to choose the terms of payment that is flexible and within your budget.

We allow;


  • Cash – To be completed within 30 days.
  • Installments The client can pay in installments up to a maximum of 24 months (a minimum deposit of 20%).
  • Loan Facility – We have banks that we can recommend, (Obtain a letter of undertaking from the financier).


Once the client makes payment for the property, we shall issue you with an official receipt in soft copy and we shall input the hard copy receipt in your file safely which we shall give once you come to our offices).


We send client the offer letter indicating the Purchase price, bank account number, terms, and expected closing costs.

The offer letter valid for 7 days .Our agents have authority to issue offer letters.

We shall require your personal documents such as Copy of ID, or Passport, Copy of Pin, and three passport size photos.

These crucial information will be sent via Email. They are important as we need to use them for the registration and transfer of property.

The following are the legal documents that will enable the client to own the property purchased;


  1. Sale Agreement – These is prepared by the lawyer and we send the soft copy to you through email.


2. Verification – Here you are expected to verify that the information in the agreement is true as stated.


  • Our agreements have the required legal standard that cannot be altered.
  • (Agreement Fees payable to our lawyer which is highly discounted to Kshs. 5000.
  • Client is also free to use his/her Lawyer. Kindly Note these are not legal costs of transfer and registration)

Once you complete payment for the plot, we shall prepare the following documents for you;


1. Application for consent to transfer (in triplicate) and Land transfer forms (in triplicate). We send you the soft copies clearly indicating where you are expected to sign. Print the documents back to back and send them to us.


2. Once you have completed signing send us the hard copies to us through the preferred courier service.


3. The lawyer will then review the documents and certify them. They will attach their lawyer practicing certificate as required by the law cap 300.


4. Legal fees for transfer and registration is 8% of the value of the plot at the point of Title deed processing.

Once the lawyers verifies that all documents have been filled appropriately, we send them to the land registry for title transfer and registration.

Charges that might arise during this process include legal fees, registration fees, stamp duty and any other fees required to facilitate the transfer and obtain the title deed in your name. 

(This process takes 1 month upon submitting the documents to the registrar).

Once the title deed is out, we shall send you the soft copy through email. The original title deed will remain at our offices until you come or we issue the title deed to an appointed person who will provide a signed authorization letter from you instructing us to do so. We discourage sending original title deeds through courier services to avoid the risk of loss.


To make payment for available properties being offered by Southgate Homes Limited. Contact us directly through email: info@southgatehomes.co.ke, or Call us/Whatsapp through office contact +254 748 173 737 / +254 734 050 2178 for further direction.


Find The Perfect House


Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at Green Shade Apartments, Argwings Kodhek Road, Lavington.

You can reach us via our office numbers +254 748 173 737, or +254 734 050 217, or email, info@southgatehomes.co.ke You can also follows us on our social platforms Facebook, Twitter, You Tube & Instagram.

Yes, they can efficiently and electronically. All you have to do is select a suitable apartment from the property listings on the website and we shall book it for you. We will then forward you the company account details where you can wire the payment. Further, you provide us with all the details as you would like to appear in your ownership documentation. When the legal documents are ready, you can give us instructions to issue them to your trusted member of the family, your lawyer, or shipping details and we shall ship it to you.

We allow you to stagger your payments in a manner that ensures you maintain your liquidity throughout the construction period. Most developers charge only a 10% deposit and permit the home buyers to settle the 90% during construction which takes between 24 and 36 months. This eases the burden of raising capital, allowing you to plan your finances.

Your apartment will increase in value as construction progresses. By completion, it will be valued at a higher price than you bought it for, granting you significant capital gains.

With Off plan, you are assured of everything being brand new. This  means you will not incur any maintenance costs in the immediate future, thereby saving you costs in the long run.

In case you are buying property as an investment, brand new homes also attract tenants who are often willing to pay a premium to live in new spaces which translates to more rental income.

Buying off plan with Southgate Homes Ltd grants you the advantage of securing some updates on your apartment in the pre-construction phase. Developers can allow changes in the unit layout, and you can determine finishes in advance, such as your home’s color scheme, fittings, and your preferred type of furniture. With off plan, you also get first pick, you can choose the orientation of your apartment, to your liking.

We have available units in the most secure and exquisite locations within Nairobi such as Lavington, Kilimani etc.

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